Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome! We Have No Idea What a Blog Is or Why We're Here!

Athena: The only reason I agreed to this whole outrageous scheme was because of that picture. I want to know who he is and how I can reach him--literally reach him, as in...grasp him to my bosom.

Hildur (with a snort): I like him. I WANT him.

Bunny: He IS a handsome man. We have men just as handsome in our time, of course.

Joan (in an ornery mood, as usual): Yes, but I want to hear about THIS man.

Athena (tossing her head): You can't have him. Some globe-trotting she-wolf has him.

Hildur (in Icelandic language): *#&*^$(@*

Bunny: I'm so sorry, Hildur. Did you want another cup of tea?

Joan: All right, then. If we can't have HIM, then perhaps we can talk amongst ourselves until we get to Lord Harry Traemore's hunting box--

Athena: Where we'll consort with manly men from OUR time that we believe rival the men in YOURS, dear readers.

Hildur: I like this man. I STILL want him.

Bunny: You'll have to contain yourself, Hildur. Perhaps if our readers provide us with some more information about themselves, you'll be pacified. For instance, we're anxious to know who your absolutely favorite man is and why.

Athena: Does he have to be well-known?

Bunny: No. Not at all. There are a great many unsung heroes out there, truly. Why, just today a hackney driver in London didn't charge me a farthing for my ride. Said he could see I was a bit short on funds.

Hildur: What was his name?

Bunny (reddening): I've no idea. But he's somebody's father or brother or son, isn't he?

Joan: I don't know about this. I, for one, can't think of a single man I LIKE.

Athena (sharing a knowing look with Bunny and Hildur): We shall see what our readers produce, and if no one responds, we'll simply have to sit here and look beautiful.

Hildur (yawning): I grow tired of looking beautiful.

Joan: You may work on netting this bag with me, then.


  1. Your blog is beautiful! Love the topic of the *ahem* day :-)

  2. You four ladies are awesome! What fabulous literary characters. I'm soooo looking forward to reading your book.

  3. Kieran, I love this. And the picture is pleasant too. =) I hope it's not too cliche if I tell you that my absolutely favorite man is my husband because he always does the right thing, even if it's a hard choice and no one's looking.

  4. This was fun reading!! I do have my hero here, Jim, for 27 years :) Oh those summer days long ago! Nice pic there for inspiration! So can't wait for this book. Just another month (sigh)

    Caffey, a reader of romance books, especially historical romances!

  5. I just loved your book "When Harry met Molly" and look forward to reading the rest o the entries!

  6. I loved "When Harry Met Molly" and just finished "Dukes to the Left of Me, Princes to the Right" which was even better! "Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage" is at the head of the bed ready to go.

    What a great idea for a blog! I love these characters, they're so much fun!